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Ethos and Values

Have a look at the fun we had on Mexico day! We did Aztec art, made salsa, learned about all the history of Mexico and even did a bit of Flamenco!

In class worship (perseverance)

In class worship (perseverance) 1
We doing well with our in class worship now, we even had costumes to retell our bible story of Moses leading the slaves out of Egypt! Well done to this group for our prayer and their enthusiasm.

In class worship (perseverance)

In class worship (perseverance) 1
Thanks to our guided worship group for today. We heard the story of the lost coin and discussed how and why the woman in the parable persevered until she found her coin. We reflected on times when we had persevere to achieve something and celebrated these successes by drawing them onto a new £1 for display.

In class worship (perseverance)

In class worship (perseverance) 1
Huge thanks to our in class worship for this week to told us the story about the three wise men who persevered through the desert in search of the new king. Let's hope we can all learn from them and persevere through the week, like they did the desert!

Go Green for Manchester Children's Hospital

Go Green for Manchester Children's Hospital 1
Our Ethos and Values Statement At Leyland Methodist Schools, we will work in partnership with the community to provide a happy, inspirational Christian environment. Here, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop and flourish. Our school embraces the following core values....

Core Values

  • Love - of God and for one another
  • Faith - in Jesus Christ and in our future
  • Enjoyment - of all that school offers, so that we can be our very best
  • Respect - for all that God has made
  • Compassion - caring for one another and all the world.