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Hoghton Tower Trip

Year 5 have enjoyed a fantastic trip to Hogton Tower as part of our study of the Tudors. The children enjoyed a tour of the house and learnt lots of exciting facts and information to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Tudor period. Some Children even travelled back in time experiencing what it was like to be a peasant during Tudor times and even what it was like to be knighted !
All of the children were super and really enjoyed the whole day.

Thankyou to all those who volunteered to help with the trip, they were a great help and it was very appreciated.
Picture 1 Finally time to rest
Picture 2 Class 3 at Hoghton Tower
Picture 3 Being Knighted !
Picture 4 Being Knighted !
Picture 5 Being Knighted !
Picture 6 Being Knighted !
Picture 7 Being Knighted !
Picture 8 Being Knighted !
Picture 9 Being Knighted !
Picture 10 Class 4 at Hoghton Tower
Picture 11 Hooray
Picture 12 Hoghton Tower
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