Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely Easter break. Reminder that Spring Term extra curricular clubs have now finished. Summer club letters will be sent out in due course.
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Homework will be set on a Tuesday and expected to be handed in on a Monday. 

Reading Homework
6B are expected to read regularly (approx 20 mins daily). Children need to read widely to develop the deeper comprehension skills needed in Y6. Reading Homework will be set based on each child's guided reading book. Children will need to read between 50-70 pages each week in order to be prepared for the next guided reading session.
Reading Journal
In addition to the reading task, each child has been asked to write a high quality paragraph on an aspect of the book they are currently reading outside of school. Children should not retell the story but focus on some aspect e.g. character, plot, theme, personal opinion (with justifications) etc. Children's responses should cover the PEE model (make your Point, back it up with Evidence and Explain why.)
Grammar Homework
Grammar skills sheets will be sent home weekly, starting after October half term. These are needs based (so not all children will receive the same sheet) in that they only address the areas where your child has made past errors. If your child needs help with these, please feel free to assist. Any problems or concerns, again just let us know.
Spelling Homework
Children will be taught the spelling rule and get five spellings sent home. They will then be tested on those five words and five other words which follow the spelling rule.  
Maths Homework
Maths homework will support what we have been learning in the classroom. 

Thanks in advance for your support,
Miss Biggins
Our Ethos and Values Statement At Leyland Methodist Schools, we will work in partnership with the community to provide a happy, inspirational Christian environment. Here, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop and flourish. Our school embraces the following core values....

Core Values

  • Love - of God and for one another
  • Faith - in Jesus Christ and in our future
  • Enjoyment - of all that school offers, so that we can be our very best
  • Respect - for all that God has made
  • Compassion - caring for one another and all the world.