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Leyland Methodist SchoolsA Federation of Leyland Methodist Infant and Junior Schools


Happiness at Home

Have a LOL...



Why do bicycles                                                     Where do cows go
fall over?                                                                        On Friday night
…because they’re two-tired!          … to the moo-vies!

Why  did the chocolate go to                      What do you call a no

School?                                                                                    Legged cow?

…because it wanted to become           …ground beef!

a smartie!                          



Outdoor Fun!

Our Ethos and Values Statement

Within God’s love for everyone, Our school family is committed to serve by:

- celebrating everyone’s unique God-given talents;

- giving the best of ourselves for all the world;

- doing all the good we can together.

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Together