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Spring 1 Home Learning

Welcome to the home learning page for Spring Term 2021. 


This information applies to children who are not attending school provision. 


There are a variety of ways that your child can access their learning during the spring term.


Weekly Work

Every Monday the following work with be uploaded to your child's Dojo portfolio. 


- Spellings - a list of words for your child to practice the spellings of on a daily basis.

- Reading - a task to focus on whilst your child is reading to you. Reading books can be accessed from Oxford Owl. Please speak to Mrs Campbell if you need a reminder of your child's book band and Oxford Owl login details. 


This work will be set following your child's personalised learning plan. 


Daily Independent Tasks

Please complete 1 Literacy task and 1 numeracy task from your child's IDL profile. Please visit the IDL Login. If you need a reminder of your child's password please ask Mrs Campbell.


Friday Morning Zooms

A weekly social Zoom call with all members of the Beehive (both in school and out of school) to allow the children to spend time with each other in a social capacity. 

This will take place at 9.30am for 10 minutes - a private link will be sent to the children learning from home.

There are also morning zoom calls Monday - Thursday for the home learning children to take part in with their class. Please speak to your child's class teacher for timing and links. 


Live Lessons Calls: Monday - Thursday Afternoons

Children who are learning from home will receive a Zoom call to facilitate the learning of Maths and English. This Zoom call will take place at the same time every Monday through to Thursday and will last for approximately 20 - 30 minutes. This is a 1:1 lesson with Mrs Campbell and your child to help assist with your child's personalised learning plan. 

A link will be sent out on Monday morning and will remain the same link for the duration of the spring term. 

Personal timings will be agreed upon via Dojo messages.

This work will be set following your child's personalised learning plan.



Online Learning: Fridays 

As there are no live lessons happening on Fridays, Maths and English work will be uploaded to your child's Dojo portfolio.

This work will be set following your child's personalised learning plan.


Topic Work 

Your child's class teacher will be setting work for the foundation subjects. If your child would like to access these lessons, please speak to your child's class teacher. 


Conduct during Zoom Meetings

During ANY Zoom meeting an adult MUST be present. If there is no adult present, your child will be exited from the chat immediately for safeguarding reasons. Adults must ensure that children are properly dressed and that no inappropriate language is used verbally or in the written chat. 

Zoom meetings must take place in a communal area, such as the kitchen or living room. Pupil must not enter the Zoom meetings whilst in their bedroom or bathroom.

For educational purposes, please ensure that other family members do not take part in the 1:1 Zoom calls, as we would like to use this time to concentrate on your child's education. 

The afternoon 1:1 zoom lessons will be recorded for safe guarding purposes. Written consent will be obtained via Dojo. 


If you have any queries, please speak to Mrs Campbell in the first instance. 


Our Ethos and Values Statement

Within God’s love for everyone, Our school family is committed to serve by:

- celebrating everyone’s unique God-given talents;

- giving the best of ourselves for all the world;

- doing all the good we can together.

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Together