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Leyland Methodist SchoolsA Federation of Leyland Methodist Infant and Junior Schools


Message from the Editors

Welcome to the Happiness at LMS Newspaper! smiley


Here, our goal is to reignite happiness across the school. Before you read the wonderful newspaper, let's meet the people who make this possible: Lucas, Regan, James, Evan, Emily, Mia, Freya, Kaitlyn, Kaci and Millie - we are all Year 5 pupils, budding journalists, interviewers and photographers, who want to spread happiness! 


We hope we can open your funny bone and make you laugh! cheeky


If you wish to help us out and submit a happy post, please email


Many thanks, 

Lucas and the Happiness at LMS Newspaper Team wink

Our Ethos and Values Statement

Within God’s love for everyone, Our school family is committed to serve by:

- celebrating everyone’s unique God-given talents;

- giving the best of ourselves for all the world;

- doing all the good we can together.

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Together