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Our Learning

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20.11.20 - Diwali Week

This afternoon was the culmination of our week long preparations and learning about Diwali! All week we have been learning about different traditions and taking part in Diwali preparations like making diya lamps and rangoli patterns. This afternoon, the children got dressed up, watched some fireworks, tried different Indian foods, lit their diya lamps, spread their rangoli patterns around the classroom, and said a prayer to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into our classroom to bring us all good luck! The children absolutely loved their Diwali celebrations and have had a fantastic afternoon!

09.11.20 - Hattie the Hedgehog

On Monday afternoon, Ash Class were learning all about hibernation. We discussed what it means and why some animals need to hibernate during the Winter. We looked at the different habits of hibernating animals such as hedgehogs, doormice, and queen bees. The children couldn't believe that some animals sleep for more than half a year! Then, we had a very special guest come to class... Hattie the Hedgehog! The children were transfixed as Hattie introduced herself and they all did so well staying calm and quiet to make Hattie feel safe. Finally, we went outside and found the materials we needed to make a hedgehog house outside the classroom to provide shelter for a wild hedgehog.

04.11.20 - Phase 2 Phonics

Ash Class are really growing in confidence during their phonics lessons. This week, we've been learning all about Phase 2 Set 4, (ck, e, u, r,). We do lots of different activities to help us learn the different graphemes and phonemes, as well as our tricky words and high frequency words! We played "pass the parcel" with our HFW flashcards and when the music stopped, the children using their Metal Mike arms to blend to read the word for their classmates. We also enjoyed SATPIN bingo and finding the picture that started with the different initial sounds.

19.10.20 - Autumn Walk

Continuing with our "seasonal changes" learning, Ash Class went on an Autumn walk around school. We took some iPads with us to take pictures - luckily, we found lots of evidence that Autumn had arrived! The children collected some leaves for us to use to make rubbings back in the classroom. We talked about what happens when the nights get shorter and the temperature stsrts to drop. We had a look for some insects and also thought about how animals stay safe in the dark. 

13.10.20 - Building Bridges

This week, the children enjoyed reading the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story during our maths lessons. After we finished the story, the children wanted to build their own bridge to cross safely over the water. We had a look through our construction shed and thought about the effectiveness of the different things we could find. Finally, we built bridges using different resources and tested out their strength by walking over them. The children pretended to be the troll and asked "who is crossing my bridge?!" as someone walked over it.

09.10.20 - Healthy Week

Every afternoon this week, Ash Class have been learning about all the different ways we can stay healthy. First, we thought of things we could do like exercise, eat a balanced diet, practice good hygiene habits, etc, then we watched a “public service announcement” about children’s health issues before recording our own adverts to teach others about how to stay healthy. We focussed on some things like proper teeth brushing and correct hand washing. Finally, on Friday, in recognition of World Mental Health Day 2020, Ash Class learned about mindfulness, and how taking a moment to be calm in an otherwise hectic world can really help us stay strong mentally as well as physically. For our mindful challenge, we lay down and closed our eyes and listened to different noises such as bells ringing, birds singing, and ocean waves. We will focus a lot on mental health this year and our introduction to mindfulness was a great start!

06.10.20 - Forest School

This morning, Ash class went to forest school for the first time. After talking about the rules and expectations, we had fun exploring the area. The children enjoyed foraging for berries, apples, leaves, etc. We climbed some trees and explored inside others! The children enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen and we even ate snack on the tarp. We did get rained off eventually but the children really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next time!

01.10.20 - Harvest Festival

Today was our Harvest Festival! This morning, we watched Reverend Gill’s harvest worship and talked about what it means. This afternoon, we recapped why we celebrate harvest and had a go at harvesting some of our own vegetables and grains. We also thought about the people who are less fortunate than us and how wonderful it is to donate bikes to those who need them!

25.09.20 - Five Senses Guessing Game

This morning, we reviewed our five senses as a class. The children did really well and remembered all five! After singing our five senses song again, we split the class into smaller groups for a five senses guessing game. The children took turns wearing a blind fold and had to guess what they were smelling, tasting, touching, or hearing. We had a variety of things including curry powder, garlic, star anise, and tea tree oil to smell, lemons and strawberries to taste, instruments to hear, freely boxes to touch, and kaleidoscopes to see. After they took turns wearing the blind fold, we removed the blanket and explored all of the things together, talking about which senses we use to find out what they are.

21.09.20 - The Colour Monster

This afternoon, we read the story "The Colour Monster" and talked about how different colours make us feel. For example, yellow is the colour of happiness, green is the colour of calm, etc. Finally, we made a "feelings rainbow" to help us remember each colour's meaning in our P.S.H.E. class book.

21.09.20 - Fundamental Skills

This morning, Coach Andy from South Ribble Sports Partnership came to school for the first time and worked with the children to build on their "fundamental skills", including moving while navigating the space, balancing, throwing, and catching.

18.09.20 - Summer Walk

This morning, we went on an adventure and explored all around the school grounds. The children shared some iPads and took pictures of anything they could find that reminded them of the summer season. For example, green leaves, shadows from the sun, insects, etc. We had a look at the pictures back in class and discussed what we found.

WB 14.09.20 - "About Me" Show and Tell

During the summer holidays, we asked Ash Class to fill some bags with their favourite toys/keepsakes/photos, etc., that would help their classmates learn all about them! Each afternoon, the children took it in turns to talk about everything they had brought, as well as answer some questions from their friends.

WB 07.09.20 - Welcome to Reception!

We would like to say a huge welcome to all the children joining us at Leyland Methodist Schools this year! After three days of "Stay and Play" sessions with all our parents and carers, the children got stuck into their new routines and had a good look through all of the fantastic resources we have to help us learn and grow!

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