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Nurture at Leyland Methodist Schools


We are firmly committed to ensuring all our children thrive during their time with us and beyond. It is important that our children can successfully interact with their peers and build the resilience they need to face any challenges they may have inside and outside of school. As such, we run an extensive nurture programme to provide appropriate support for our pupils. This may come in the form of an externally commissioned service but we also have established an extensive offer of nurture support from within school's own resources. We use Boxall profiling to support our general assessment of a child's well-being in targeting support.


Whilst not all nurture programmes operate all the time as they are run based on current need, it does mean the school has the ability to offer the following support:- 


·  Services of a school counsellor (external service) 

·  Cognitive behaviour therapy (external service) 

·  Meet and greet (getting pupils ready for the school day to help manage transition between home and school); 

·  Respite (lunchtime support for pupils who struggle with long periods of unstructured time); 

·  Movement club (supporting pupils to develop their fine and gross motor skills); 

·  Social Circle (supporting the development of social skills and friendship groups); 

·  Tranquil time (supporting pupils manage their emotions); 

·  Socially speaking (supporting pupils with speech and language); 

·  Going for goals (supporting pupils with attention and motivational difficulties) 

·  Safety and Wellbeing (supporting pupils understanding of how to keep themselves safe) 

·  Citizenship (supporting pupils understanding of social responsibility) 

Our Ethos and Values Statement At Leyland Methodist Schools, we will work in partnership with the community to provide a happy, inspirational Christian environment. Here, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop and flourish. Our school embraces the following core values....

Core Values

  • Love - of God and for one another
  • Faith - in Jesus Christ and in our future
  • Enjoyment - of all that school offers, so that we can be our very best
  • Respect - for all that God has made
  • Compassion - caring for one another and all the world.