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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. Contact details for our Chair of Governors (Matthew Tomlinson) are


From September 2018, Leyland Methodist Junior School Governors opted to formally collaborate with Leyland Methodist Infant School. The aim of the collaboration was for the two schools to work in closer partnership. To this end, from September 2018, some committees have been merged to cover the interests of both schools. In addition, there is also a Joint Committee comprising members of both Governing Bodies appointed to oversee the progress of the collaboration.


From September 2018, the following committees are in place:

Joint Committee (LMJS and LMIS Governors);

Premises, Health & Safety (LMJS and LMIS Governors);

Ethos & Curriculum (LMJS and LMIS Governors);

Staffing & Finance (LMJS Governors);

Standards and Effectiveness (LMJS Governors);

Pay Committee (LMJS Governors);

Appraisal Committee (LMJS and LMIS Governors).

There are other committees in place that meet as and when required e.g. Complaints Appeals Committee, Pupil Discipline Committee etc.


Statutory Governor Information


Our School Governors are:



Governor Category

Appointed From

Appointed To

Appointing Body

Committee Membership

Member of Other Governing Bodies

Register of Interest

Position Held

Linked Subject/ Area

Rosemary Brown Foundation 2016 2020 Methodist Circuit

-Staffing and Finance
-Premises, Health and Safety

  Retired School Bursar   Music
Emma Lambert Co-Opted 2015 2019 LMJS Governing Body

- Ethos and Curriculum

-Standards & Effectiveness (SEC)


Joint Committee

  LCC School Attendance Officer

Vice Chair of Governing Body






Ollie Woodcock Co-Opted 2015 2019 LMJS Governing Body

-Staffing and Finance
 -Ethos and Curriculum

-Standards & Effectiveness (SEC)


- Joint Committee

  SIAMS inspector


Pupil Premium






Rev Phil Gough Foundation 2016 2020 Methodist Circuit

-Ethos and Curriculum

- Joint Committee

Leyland Methodist Infant School   Chair of Ethos and Curriculum




Kathryn Melling Ex-Officio (Executive Headteacher) 2011    

All Committees

Leyland Methodist Infant School


Matthew Tomlinson LA Governor 2018 2022 Lancashire County Council

-Standards &  Effectiveness (SEC)
 -Staffing and Finance
-Premises, Health and Safety

- Joint Committee

Lancashire Adult College LCC Councillor

- Chair of Governing Body
- Chair of SEC

- Chair of Premises, Health and Safety

School Council



Anita Hudson Parent 2017 2021 Parent Vote

-Staffing and Finance


  Assistant Headteacher at local high school Child Protection P.E.
Kelly Livesey  Foundation 2018 2022 Methodist Circuit -Staffing & Finance      


Becky Hogan Staff 2017 2021 LMJS Staff -Ethos & Curriculum        
Jane Huntley Parent 2016 2020 Parent Vote -Premises, Health and Safety       Geography
Roy Prescott (Grand) Parent 2016 2020 Parent Vote

-Staffing and Finance

-Standards and Effectiveness (SEC)



-Joint Committee

Alison Griffiths-Barnes Parent 2016 2020 Parent vote - Premises, Health and Safety       English
Catherine Martin Parent 2018 2022 Parent Vote - Premises, Health and Safety      

Training Link Governor




Picture 1 Cllr Mr M Tomlinson (Chair of Governors)
Picture 2 Mrs K A Melling (Headteacher)
Picture 3 Miss Emma Lambert (Vice Chair of Governors)
Picture 4 Rev P Gough
Picture 5 Mrs Ollie Woodcock
Picture 6 Mrs Rosemary Brown
Picture 7 Mrs Anita Hudson
Picture 8 Miss Jane Huntley
Picture 9 Mrs Catherine Martin
Picture 10 Mrs Kelly Livesey
Picture 11 Mr Roy Prescott
Picture 12 Mrs Alison Griffiths Barnes
Our Ethos and Values Statement At Leyland Methodist Schools, we will work in partnership with the community to provide a happy, inspirational Christian environment. Here, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop and flourish. Our school embraces the following core values....

Core Values

  • Love - of God and for one another
  • Faith - in Jesus Christ and in our future
  • Enjoyment - of all that school offers, so that we can be our very best
  • Respect - for all that God has made
  • Compassion - caring for one another and all the world.