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Student Leaders

The Student Leaders

Welcome to our School Leader page. We have been chosen by the people for the people, through a democratic vote completed at school. We we have been nominated to help our school develop and shine, and that is what we intend to do. 


  • The head and Deputy Boy/girls are responsible for meeting and greeting visitors to our wonderful school.
  • The school council meets to discuss ideas and points coming from the rest of our school. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

  • Members of the school council are responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning charity events, writing newsletter articles/ letters, or meeting with senior leaders.

Keep an eye out for updates of the work we are planning. 

Here for you,

The Student Leaders

Head BoyHead GirlDeputy Head BoyDeputy Head Girl



"The role of Head Boy makes me  feel confident and trusted both by the teachers and the children in our school. I feel I have become a role model for Leyland Methodist Schools."



"I love being Head Girl because I love to help others and with this opportunity I can serve our whole school in every way possible."



"My role as Deputy Head Boy has made me feel trusted and I feel honoured to be one of the leaders of the school."



"The role of being Deputy Head Girl has made me feel trusted and approachable to anyone and everyone as well as being a supportive and guided mentor to others."





"I wanted to be a representative of our School Council because I have been in school since tiddlywinks and I would like to use my last year at Leyland Methodist Schools to make it a better, more positive environment."



"Being a member of the School Council means everything to me. I have always wanted to share my ideas and contribute to our amazing school! It took a lot of campaigning and stressful moments to get to the position that I play now, but all work has paid off. I now feel that I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel trusted and reliable."



"I felt, for me that I wanted to be a representative of the school council for the responsibility it gave me, to help people and to represent the school."



"I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to be a leader and a representative of our school."



"I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to make a difference to our school. Being a part of school council gives me a voice and I find it rewarding that I can be an amazing role model and leader."






"I wanted to be my class representative for school council because I knew I would be acting and speaking on behalf of my class and I wanted to make a voice for the pupils."




"I wanted to be school council member because I wanted to be a representative for our school. It enables me to make good decision's for on behalf of everyone and make our school a better place for others."



"I wanted to be a student council member because I wanted to make sure that our school is happy, safe and an enjoyable place for everyone. The opportunity to be a member of our student council has made me feel more confident and that others can put their trust in me."



"I wanted to be a part of the school council because I want to help others to get what they want. I also want to help others feel happy, excited and safe at school. I want people to feel thankful at our school."



"I wanted to be a school leader because I wanted to change things for the school."


Bringing a smile to residents of our local community.

Our Ethos and Values Statement

Within God’s love for everyone, Our school family is committed to serve by:

- celebrating everyone’s unique God-given talents;

- giving the best of ourselves for all the world;

- doing all the good we can together.

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Together