Our schools are currently open to the children of key workers and some of our vulnerable pupils only. Please find our Reopening Plans on our News and Events>Letters section of this site.
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Standards and Effectiveness


Standards and Effectiveness         
Attendees 13th November 2018 13th February 2019 19h May 2019 23rd September 2019 (Joint)
Miss E Lambert Apologies ü ü Apologies
Mr S Barnes       ü
Miss A Cupit       ü
Mrs K Melling (EHT) ü ü Apologies ü
Mr R Prescott  Apologies Apologies ü ü
Mr P Walling        ü
Mr J Ward       ü
Cllr M Tomlinson (Chair) ü ü Apologies ü
Mrs A Woodcock ü ü ü ü
Miss M Baker (Observer)       ü
Mrs R Brookfield  (Observer) ü Apologies ü Apologies
Miss J Piggin (Observer)       ü
Miss J Hollings (Observer) ü ü ü ü
Mrs N Rogerson (Observer) ü Apologies ü ü
Mrs G Donohoe (Observer)       ü
Mrs E Sewell (Observer) ü ü ü ü
Our Ethos and Values Statement At Leyland Methodist Schools, we will work in partnership with the community to provide a happy, inspirational Christian environment. Here, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop and flourish. Our school embraces the following core values....

Core Values

  • Love - of God and for one another
  • Faith - in Jesus Christ and in our future
  • Enjoyment - of all that school offers, so that we can be our very best
  • Respect - for all that God has made
  • Compassion - caring for one another and all the world.