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Cedar - Mr Nuttall

Welcome to Cedar Class


Class Teacher: Mr. Nuttall


PE days this term will be:

Wednesday and Thursday


We change our reading and library

books every Thursday.


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Summer Term

Welcome back! 

We have lots of learning coming up again this half term, including...



We celebrated St George’s Day with a party, lots of learning about the real St George and fun crafts, as well as games on the Junior field!


We have loved our science today! Our resident scientist this half term is John McAdam and we have been testing out his ideas to create our own roads - solving the problem of bumps in the road!


We’ve had such a fun afternoon, tasting dips and dippers to evaluate existing products

before we design and make our own as part of this half term’s D&T!



Spring Term 2

Welcome back to another busy half term!

We are really looking forward to learning lots and exploring our new learning


Magic Beans: Jack and the Beanstalk: A short story about magic beans.
From Bean to Bean:
A simple explanation of a how a beanstalk grows

Division, Measurement (length and mass), Addition and Subtraction,
Fractions, Geometry (Position and Direction), Time



History – The Great Fire of London, Science – Animals including Humans,
Art – Portraits: Drawing, painting and 3D collage. RE - Easter celebrating new life and new beginnings.

Computing – Data and Information – grouping data, PE – Gymnastics and Games,
Music – Learning to Listen, Spanish – Shapes.


Take a look at our learning this half term...


Look how proud our maths superstars are!
They worked together to order numbers and quantities without a grown up! 🤩


We’ve had a fun morning, organising our explanation texts that we have worked on over the last few weeks. Lots of great examples of the lifecycle of a bean plant!  🌱


We had a great day today with our Chester Zoo visitors!

We learned all about the different animals from Africa and  about how they adapt to their environments.


This week is Science Week! Cedar Class have started the week by investigating camouflage. We have looked at moths and how well they use camouflage to keep themselves safe and then have gathered our own natural materials to make our own moths to hide in the school grounds!



Look at our fabulous costumes for World Book Day!

We had such a fun day reading, writing stories, visiting the library, 

creating masks! Puppets and bookmarks!


Jack and the Beanstalk - Here is our shared story map.


We have been learning about Frida Kahlo and self-portraits in art, practising different methods of 

shading and hatching to develop shadows. We loved looking at ourselves in the mirror 

and trying to represent our faces with scale. Next time, we will look at Picasso’s self-portraits and collage.


In our English, we have been using story mountains and story maps to structure our ideas.

Our story for the first 3 weeks is Jack and the Beanstalk.

We can’t wait to innovate a similar story with adjectives, verbs and nouns,

as well as all the other skills we have been learning!


Finding half of a quantity.



Take a look at our learning during Spring Term 1…


In our Design Technology, we have been exploring a variety of materials

and discussing their properties. We are planning to use this knowledge 

to design, make and evaluate a birdhouse.



Our Topic and English learning this half term is focused around ‘Hot and Cold Places’

Using The Rainbow Bear text as our hook, we have been using adjectives and conjunctions

to write exciting sentences! 

We have been exploring the change of emotions through The Rainbow Bear story

and used an emotions graph to plot the change of these feelings.


We are loving our dodgeball with Coach Andy!


What fabulous ideas we have! We have been sharing our ideas of how we can innovate

The Rainbow Bear story to make it our own! We can’t wait to see amazing writing!



As Design Technologists, we have been exploring existing designs,

looking at their 3D shape, their nets and planning our birdhouses.

We designed and labelled our ideas, thinking about the materials and resources that we will need.




What a fun day of learning Year One have had at the

Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester!


Collaborating to give peer feedback about our inventions!



 Today, we began selecting our materials and equipment to begin making our

model bird houses. It was amazing to hear all the ideas of how to waterproof 

and strengthen the designs!


Today, we have been working scientifically as meteorologists and

have been creating rain gauges to measure the rainfall in Leyland!





Take a look at what we have been learning… 

Autumn Term 1


In our Geography topic 'The United Kingdom' we will be learning and exploring our locational and place knowledge. In Art, we will be experimenting and exploring through the use of painting and digital art. In Science, our focus is on 'Understanding Animals Including Humans' with a specific focus on the human body and the senses. 


In English we have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs.
We created a story map and actions using 'Talk for Writing' and 
will be innovating the story together, before creating our own!



We have been learning about the countries and capital cities that make up the UK. 

We took a journey on our playground map to see how we would need to travel
and used Google Earth to explore the UK!


We have been exploring tens and ones as part of place value in Maths.




In our Science, we have been learning what a mammal is and how humans are animals.
We looked at the features of mammals.



In Science we have been labelling the parts of the human body.


We loved our ‘Basketball Festival’ in PE this week!



We loved exploring poems and discussing our favourites!

We created story maps to help us learn a poem and then performed it!


Check out our performance!



We have been working on our addition and subtraction and have loved our problem solving!





Black History Day!

We learnt about Betty Campbell - have a look at our fact files!





Autumn Term 2



In our History topic this half term we will be exploring significant places and changes in national life, looking closely at how employment, housing and transport have changed in Leyland over time. More information about this can be found on our Knowledge Mat and Fast Learning Booklet that the children will bring home at the beginning of term. In DT, we will be studying a textile unit, investigating, evaluating, designing and creating our own bunting which is both purposeful and attractive. In Science we will be investigating, observing and comparing plants – the different types of plants and trees that can be found in the UK, as well as the different parts of a plant and how they grow. Again, more information can be found on the Autumn 2 Science Knowledge Mat.


We will change reading and library books on Wednesdays.



Working like scientists to make observations of plants!

We really enjoyed comparing and contrasting a variety of plants…




Just before the holidays, we filled our pom pom jar… which means we earned out hot chocolate treat!
We have had such a fun afternoon, celebrating together!






In science, we have been looking at Garden plants and wild plants, sorting and classifying them.



In maths, we have been using objects to solve addition problems. 


We have also been learning to count in 2s! 


In our Design Technology this half term, our design brief is to create bunting

that will help Reception to count. We began by looking at existing designs, 

then designed our own, before beginning our own creations!


Our first challenge was to practice and then use a running stitch

to attach the top of the bunting, creating a loop for the ribbon.



The PE coaches came to teach us some dance moves as part of the

KS1 Dance Festival. We had so much fun and loved following routines, 

as well as creating our own ending!



Today, we met a real life author - Rachel Morrisroe.

She shared her new Christmas story with us and taught us how to

draw the main character. What a wonderful day!



Year One really enjoyed our local walk yesterday!

We saw buildings from our local history - weaver’s cottages, alms houses,

the old schools, an old court house and more! Ask your children to tell you

some of the interesting facts that we discovered!








Our Ethos and Values Statement

Within God’s love for everyone, Our school family is committed to serve by:

- celebrating everyone’s unique God-given talents;

- giving the best of ourselves for all the world;

- doing all the good we can together.

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Together